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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Water Powered Hybrid - Hybrid Car Review

Considering the skyrocketing of Gas prices around the world the idea of converting your car into a water powered hybrid is something to seriously consider. With the money you spend on gas milage you can possibly buy your own hybrid car! However buying a Hybrid car is very expensive and you probably won't want to spend $40k but what if I told you that you could turn your own vehicle into a water powered car. Just imagine if you can save 30%-70% on gas, read on and I'll tell you how...

The Word Hybrid simply means you can run your car on something other than gas. One method is through a process called 'electrolysis' which use water and oil to run the car. The process creates a by product called 'Brown Gas" that can yield up to 3 times more energy than normal gasoline. To make to system that can do this all you need is a few household items and some tools that can be bought from the local hardware store. There are guides that can show you step by step with instruction diagrams and videos how to do this safely and not require any mechanical knowledge.

There are many benefits apart from saving gas with water hybrid cars ,
for example people that have a water powered hybrid motor experience smoother gear shifting, decrease in noise levels, cleaner emissions and much more...

This technology has been around for quite some time but has been put under wraps by big car companies for the fear of loss in revenues if this concept caught on. Well now you can do it yourself and turn your car into a hybrid vehicle that runs on water.

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