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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Driver car using water - Run your car on water guides

If you haven't seen them on the news or on the internet or youtube then you need to check it out now, its seems that everywhere you go on the net theres an article or video about drive car using water.

This new technology sparked my curiousity and I did abit of research on one of these systems that can run your car on water. If you look now on the internet you can now find guides that show you how to create a install a system of this kind and use it as a supplemental fuel alternative to gasoline.

I know what your thinking! How do you run a car on water?? Well the car doesn't run on water itself, this is done by extracting hydrogen molecules from water and using the hydrogen or HHO gas to power your car.

The instruction guides on teach you how to make a system that you can install in your car that converts water into hydrogen by using home tools and afew parts from the tool shop. Don't spend 70k on a water powered hybrid.

Here is one top guide on the net now click here ->
Drive car using water

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Want to improve your gas mileage? Convert your car to run HHO!

If you don't already know car manufacturers are bringing out vehicles that run on hydrogen. You are thinking WTF?. But its true, how this is done is by using a free and clean resource - water!

Using a process called electrosis electricity is use to separate hydrogen molecules from oxygen molecules that creates a byproduct called 'Brown Gas' - this gas is then injected into your cars combustion system much like normal gas is applied. Brown gas is cleaner and has greater gas miliage efficency - 30% or 70% in some cases!!

You dont have to buy a Hydrogen car and in most cases they're too expensive and you would rather spend the money on a house, but most people are unaware that there are guides on the internet now that demonstrate how you can create and install your own hydrogen system into your car and spend only $60 for the conversion.

You don't need a degree and all you need is a few garage tools like a screw driver and some items that can be found on your kitchen or at the hardware outlet.

There are several guides now on the internet that are very detailed BUT easy to follow and implement but here is one that I found very good to use - GasSaver!!

If you wanted to buy a Hydrogen powered car there are a few manufacturers that have created some hybrids like BMW check out the video below-

How to build a water powered engine? DIY guides show you how!

The idea of a car that uses water as its primary fuel source can seem far fetched but the fact is there are prototypes and hybrids vehicles made by car companies that actually use water as the main source of fuel with Honda and BMW as notable examples.

However, even with the benefits water powered cars offer most are not really affordable to the average consumer, most hybrid vehicles can cost up to 70k. So are there cheaper alternatives??

One option is the convert your own vehicle into a water hybrid, most people would cringe at the propect of doing such a task but its not as hard as you think and it will cost you NEXT TO NOTHING!! You won't need any mechanical experience and the parts you need can be found at home and at your local hardware provider, it will only cost you up to $60 at the most convert your car to run on water.

All you need to do is have a quick search on the net for some guides that can show you through instructional guides how to build a hydrogen generator that can be built into your cars engine.

To make it easy for you I have provided a guide that can show you how to create your own water powered engine for your car making it more economical and environmentally friendly plus INCREASE MILAGE called Hydro4Power. This guide is easy to follow and has videos that demonstrate how to perform the conversion. Click below on the link to get your copy of Hydro4 Power now!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Water Powered Hybrid - Hybrid Car Review

Considering the skyrocketing of Gas prices around the world the idea of converting your car into a water powered hybrid is something to seriously consider. With the money you spend on gas milage you can possibly buy your own hybrid car! However buying a Hybrid car is very expensive and you probably won't want to spend $40k but what if I told you that you could turn your own vehicle into a water powered car. Just imagine if you can save 30%-70% on gas, read on and I'll tell you how...

The Word Hybrid simply means you can run your car on something other than gas. One method is through a process called 'electrolysis' which use water and oil to run the car. The process creates a by product called 'Brown Gas" that can yield up to 3 times more energy than normal gasoline. To make to system that can do this all you need is a few household items and some tools that can be bought from the local hardware store. There are guides that can show you step by step with instruction diagrams and videos how to do this safely and not require any mechanical knowledge.

There are many benefits apart from saving gas with water hybrid cars ,
for example people that have a water powered hybrid motor experience smoother gear shifting, decrease in noise levels, cleaner emissions and much more...

This technology has been around for quite some time but has been put under wraps by big car companies for the fear of loss in revenues if this concept caught on. Well now you can do it yourself and turn your car into a hybrid vehicle that runs on water.

To convert your car goto -> Water Hybrid Car