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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Water Powered Car - Run your car on water

With rising oil prices and a greater demand for environmently friendly vehicles many people are searching for alternatives to meet these needs. Fortunately there are alternatives out there like "Water Powered Car guides" , meaning you can learn how to run your car on water saving you money on gase and making your car environmently friendly.

Your probably thinking its a load of crap but you can actually purchase or convert your own vehicle into water powered hybrid!! What happens is that water is converted into hydrogen which is then injected into your cars engines combustion system creating greater performance and fuel efficiency! Below is a diagram of how this concept works in your car -

There are two ways you can approach this alternative, First you can go to a specialist and get them to convert your vehicle or Secondly you can do it yourself and make and install the components necessary to convert water into hydrogen to run your car.

Now you're thinking, "Well how on earth can I do that!!"

I've done some research of my own and found a guide that shows you step by step how to create and install your own water powered system within your own vehicle!! This guide is called funnily enough, "
Run Your Car on Water" and it actually is what it says. You don't need to have a engineers degree or vast mechanical knowledge to create this system and make it work - this guide teaches all your need to know and what to do!!

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Water Powered Car