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Monday, April 28, 2008

Converting to a Water Powered Car or SUV guide.

Gas prices are rising every day and for most people has become unsustainable , most people are opting for alternative methods of transport to work or recreation simple because gas is too expensive! However, if you've searched the internet you may have stumbled across articles and tech websites that talk about vehicles that can run on water! Yes you heard it right! Run your car on water as a main source of fuel! - click here!

You might think its a load of balony at first but there has been numerous reports of people that have tried and tested vehicles that have run on water by using a simple easy to use system that you can install yourself.

The run your car on water concept can be explained where power is drawn from your vehicles battery and is used to separate the molecules in H2O - two hydrogen , one oxygen molecule, (water is stored in a jar type component). While this process is taking place a gase HHO called Hydroxy is produced which is burned by your vehicles engines. Hydroxy is also known as Brown's Gas and burns more efficently while creating alot more energy than gas. Check out the diagram below -

Research has shown that vehicles thats are powered by water are cleaner, economical, cheap, and environmently friendly, plus increase the durability of your vehicle decreasing engine failure.

The good thing is that you can install these systems into your car by yourself using easy to follow guides. Run-your-car-on-water is one such guide that is highly recommended you can visit the site here -> Water powered vehicle.