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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Driver car using water - Run your car on water guides

If you haven't seen them on the news or on the internet or youtube then you need to check it out now, its seems that everywhere you go on the net theres an article or video about drive car using water.

This new technology sparked my curiousity and I did abit of research on one of these systems that can run your car on water. If you look now on the internet you can now find guides that show you how to create a install a system of this kind and use it as a supplemental fuel alternative to gasoline.

I know what your thinking! How do you run a car on water?? Well the car doesn't run on water itself, this is done by extracting hydrogen molecules from water and using the hydrogen or HHO gas to power your car.

The instruction guides on teach you how to make a system that you can install in your car that converts water into hydrogen by using home tools and afew parts from the tool shop. Don't spend 70k on a water powered hybrid.

Here is one top guide on the net now click here ->
Drive car using water