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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Want to improve your gas mileage? Convert your car to run HHO!

If you don't already know car manufacturers are bringing out vehicles that run on hydrogen. You are thinking WTF?. But its true, how this is done is by using a free and clean resource - water!

Using a process called electrosis electricity is use to separate hydrogen molecules from oxygen molecules that creates a byproduct called 'Brown Gas' - this gas is then injected into your cars combustion system much like normal gas is applied. Brown gas is cleaner and has greater gas miliage efficency - 30% or 70% in some cases!!

You dont have to buy a Hydrogen car and in most cases they're too expensive and you would rather spend the money on a house, but most people are unaware that there are guides on the internet now that demonstrate how you can create and install your own hydrogen system into your car and spend only $60 for the conversion.

You don't need a degree and all you need is a few garage tools like a screw driver and some items that can be found on your kitchen or at the hardware outlet.

There are several guides now on the internet that are very detailed BUT easy to follow and implement but here is one that I found very good to use - GasSaver!!

If you wanted to buy a Hydrogen powered car there are a few manufacturers that have created some hybrids like BMW check out the video below-