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Friday, May 23, 2008

7 Advantages of running your car on water - Water Powered Car Plan

Water powered cars and vehicles is a relatively unheard of technology to the normal consumer but its starting to catch on and vehicle companies like Honda, BMW are already developing prototypes that have their vehicle using water as their primary source of fuel in their engines.

Not only does the
water powered car design benefit the environment it offers advantage to the consumer as well .

Here are 7 advantages of running your car on water -

  1. Vehicles engines that are run on water can deliver up to 35% gas milage there are even reports it can offer up to 60% on different cars makes. Drivers can save up to approx. 1k a year so if you have several drivers that means lots of savings. If you own a business then this is a very viable option to reduce costs and run your business much more efficiently.

  2. Because you're using water there is no gas emissions from the exhaust making it environmently friendly. Now isn't that marvelous!!

  3. Experience increase in engine performance and durability. Water powered vehicles that run on water are more likely to last longer than petrol based vehicles.

  4. NO MORE carbon deposits and waste

  5. Reduce risk to engine overheating. Cooler engine running

  6. Engines run more smoothly and quietly when ran on water. This is due to effect water has on your engines combustion cycle.

  7. Reduces wear and tear on your engines pistons, rings, valves, thus increasing your vehicles life expectancy.

Obviously this technology is starting to take off and fortunately for you there is "DIY" guides out there that can show you how to create your own water powered car plan on have your own car run on water.

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