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Saturday, June 14, 2008

How to build a water powered engine? DIY guides show you how!

The idea of a car that uses water as its primary fuel source can seem far fetched but the fact is there are prototypes and hybrids vehicles made by car companies that actually use water as the main source of fuel with Honda and BMW as notable examples.

However, even with the benefits water powered cars offer most are not really affordable to the average consumer, most hybrid vehicles can cost up to 70k. So are there cheaper alternatives??

One option is the convert your own vehicle into a water hybrid, most people would cringe at the propect of doing such a task but its not as hard as you think and it will cost you NEXT TO NOTHING!! You won't need any mechanical experience and the parts you need can be found at home and at your local hardware provider, it will only cost you up to $60 at the most convert your car to run on water.

All you need to do is have a quick search on the net for some guides that can show you through instructional guides how to build a hydrogen generator that can be built into your cars engine.

To make it easy for you I have provided a guide that can show you how to create your own water powered engine for your car making it more economical and environmentally friendly plus INCREASE MILAGE called Hydro4Power. This guide is easy to follow and has videos that demonstrate how to perform the conversion. Click below on the link to get your copy of Hydro4 Power now!!