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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Running Your Car On Water: Would This Idea Work?

As we face the threat of seeing runaway fuel prices, many are scrambling towards finding other alternatives to using gasoline and diesel. However, despite the threats imposed by rising fuel prices, new technologies are slowly coming forward, and have helped raise the hopes of motorists. One of the most promising fuel economy innovations right now, is based on the idea that you could run your car on water and gas. While the technology for fully running a car solely on tare is not yet commercially available, the implementation of a water-gas hybrid system is seen as a more viable alternative towards stretching your vehicle's gas mileage levels.

How Would Water Make My Car's Engine Run?:

As many of us are still quite skeptical on water's ability to fuel our cars, some are gradually fine-tuning the technology that would enable a car's engine to run on this natural element. Alternative fuel advocates say that the mindset beneath this idea is basically simple. Electricity emanating from the car battery is used to divide water into a gas referred to as HHO. HHO in turn burns relatively well and creates a more powerful level of energy. What's surprising about this is that the process requires only a small amount of water, and only one quarter of water is needed to convert into an estimated two thousand gallons of HHO. This amount should be just enough to power your car for some time before it needs to be replenished again.

Is It Easy Installing This System Into My Car?:

Installing the technology to enable your car to run on water and gas can be a quite complex task, however most water-powered vehicle conversion kits marketed today also are equipped with instruction manuals that allow for a much easier installation process. And admittedly, although the actual installation may be quite time-consuming, it would however be worth your time, as you won't have to worry about rising gasoline prices in the near future. The benefits of powering your vehicles purely or partly on water are aplenty, and would go beyond just making your engines last longer and work more efficiently. Your car also should be able to operate on a whole new level, with lesser engine noise & clutter, lesser noxious carbon monoxide emissions, and attaining a much greener disposition both inside and out as well.

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