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Friday, August 8, 2008

Will Water-powered Hybrid Cars Offer Great Promise?

These are surely painful days for motorists and commuters, as oil and gas prices continue to remain terribly high. The problem however, has forced may car owners to find ways of considerably cutting their gas mileage, and to seek better and cheaper alternatives to using fossil fuels like oil. So what options are available for ordinary commuters and motorists? Motorists could either buy hybrid vehicles, which are a bit expensive than standard cars at present, or fully convert their engines into becoming water-powered ones.

Would Water-powered Cars Work Better Than Their Standard Counterparts?

For those who see the option of buying a hybrid vehicle an expensive one, finding ways to properly convert their car engines into water-powered ones should be a tricky process.
While many auto parts dealers and online stores sells conversion kits, not all of these are reputable ones. There are those however, who sell conversion kits which allow automobile owners to safely and effectively convert their diesel and gasoline-powered vehicles into water-powered ones. Based on studies made by automotive experts, cars that are partly or full water-powered generally enjoy the advantage of achieving improved mileage levels, as well as in getting much cleaner engines since these spew out lesser amounts of toxic carbon monoxide emissions. A water-powered vehicle also should allow its occupants to travel and drive around with less engine noise and clutter as well. Proponents argue that water-powered hybrid vehicles utilize materials and components that fully synthesize the natural elements of water, hydrogen and oxygen. Fully synthesizing these natural elements helps to power and crank up the car’s internal combustion engine. These types of vehicles use HHO, which is short for 2 parts Hydrogen and one part Oxygen. HHO according to the experts, creates an energy source that makes a car's engine crank much faster, and emit lesser carbon emissions as well.

Hybrids Offer Better Miles-per-Gallon Efficiency

Water-powered hybrid vehicles have been analyzed to obtain as much as 30 more miles per gallon than standard gasoline or diesel-powered cars. For example, if a standard gasoline-powered car gets to around 32 miles a gallon, a water-powered hybrid should be able to go beyond that, to around 62 miles per gallon. In addition to getting more buck for your mileage, water-powered hybrids are also much safer than standard fossil-fueled vehicles. A hybrid vehicle's batteries are nickel-laid instead of the standard lead acid batteries utilized in conventional oil-powered vehicles. As hybrid vehicles require much lesser use of gasoline, they are not only safe to use, but also allow you to save a lot of money as well.

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