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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How To Run Your Car On Water - DIY water powered generators kits.

All over America, the world’s biggest user of oil, auto manufacturers are undergoing a massive overhaul. The exorbitant price of fuel at the pump have forced the motoring public to suddenly change their driving habits to cut back on gas expenses. The demand for big-engined cars and SUVs have declined so sharply it caught Detroit’s big three off guard and they’re now engaged in a constant process of shutting-down truck factories and laying of thousands of workers.

As car dealerships are fast filling-up with used SUVs, more and more people already strapped for cash are faced with a dilemma: stick with their current gas guzzler, or shell-out big bucks for an overpriced hybrid? Toyota, manufacturer of the #1 selling Prius has overtaken GM in sales on the 2nd quarter of ’08 and this just reflects the drastic change in consumer demand in the auto industry. For most people, getting a hybrid is way out of their budget however. Hybrid cars are usually 30% more expensive than their normal gas-powered counterparts. With the cost of fuel not likely to ever come down to the $2 a gallon people enjoyed before, they can’t afford to stick with their current gas guzzlers either.

Unknown to most, there is a cheaper alternative to jumping on the bandwagon and getting a brand new hybrid. They can actually convert their current car to run on water! No, this isn’t another “run your car on water” hoax. There’s a kit currently available on the market that lets you convert your car’s engine and lets it run partly on hydrogen from water. This is similar to the technology of the Prius, hybrid Accord and other expensive hybrid cars out there today. This hydrogen generator kit actually involves a DIY installation, so you won’t even have to shell-out cash for labor! Another advantage of using this water fuel kit is you won’t even have to get rid of your current car. A lot of people have gotten attached to the family car and really feel bad about letting it go. Well, this way you get to save money on gas and still keep driving your beloved carriage!

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