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Monday, May 12, 2008

Hydrogen Car Conversion - Can it be done??

Mass production of hydrogen powered cars is predicted to be a decade away but with continual rising fuel prices the demand for cheaper alternatives to gasoline will only intensify the demand for hydrogen car conversions.

For those that can't wait for 10 years to buy their first hydrogen car and run your car with water then there is guides availabe on the web that can show you how to make a conversion kit that will burn oxygen instead.

Instead of buying a conversion kit that will cost you $7000-$9000 dollars to install you can actually make one merely $60!!

As fuel prices continue to rise this new technology will begin to catch on and the good news is that you can install a hydrogen powered conversion kit into your car by yourself saving money and time.

To install your Hydrogen Conversion Kit goto - Hydrogen Car Conversion

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