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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hydrogen powered car is it a reality? Run your car on water

There are several products you'll find on the net that claim you can run your car on water alone buthe process is not that straight forward and simple! When water is used as the primary source of fuel for any vehicle its not just simply pouring water into the gas tank and away she goes!!

First you have to install a hydrogen generator into your car , this system breaks the water into its two main molecules Oxygen and Hydrogen when this process is taking place a by product is created called HHO or brown gas which is injected into your cars combustion system much like normal gasoline is implemented.
Research has found brown gas to be more economical and efficient than conventional fuels and can increase miliage by up to 60%.

You probably think its gonna cost thousands to install such a system but there is instruction guide out there that can show you how to create your own hydrogen generator for your car by using household material and parts from the auto shop which will cost you $60 at the max!!

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