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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Run Your Car on Water - Benefits of Hydrogen.

With the rising prices of crude oil and consequently gas, it is now not easy to run your car on gas. Folks all around the world particularly income group are concerned about the inflation caused by the rising gas prices. These gas prices are steadily augmenting and these aren't only putting a pressure on our pocket on the part of gas prices but overall inflation caused by these is also rising the prices of all essential commodities.

Actually water is made of hydrogen and oxygen and if you apply energy of approximately 285 kJ, the water molecules will dissociate into the hydrogen and oxygen atoms and therefore the hydrogen can be employed for generating energy.

Here in engine petrol together with hydrogen will burnt quickly and will release energy and the automobile will utilize more share of the energy or put simply the potency of the auto will go up.

The burning of hydrogen will produce water vapor and these will come out thru the exhaust. Further due to this water vapor inside combustion combustion chamber and cylinder, the temperature of the engine will not go high and the engine will run smoothly under cooler atmosphere.

The advantage of hydrogen is here to excite the petrol so that it burnt fast in the combustion chamber. So, hydrogen here promoting the combustion of petrol as well as reducing the input cost per mileage.

So, if you have not yet made a decision to run your car on water, you can think again. You can convert your gas-based into a water-based automobile by spending an approximate amount of $100 and can get long lasting benefits.

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