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Monday, October 6, 2008

Run your car with water? Its a good idea with world as it is!

If you've been following CNN or AbC news lately you would have noticed the current crisis the global economy is experiencing at the moment. The US Govt. has planned a 700 billion dollar bail out of the AIG and experts believe it might be too little too late to save the economy from going bust! So now is a GOOD TIME to think about being more wise about how we spend our money on living costs like fuel. Thus the idea of run your car with water!

The idea of running your car on water has being around for years but noone had invested resources into making this a viable option to gasoline UNTIL NOW!!

if you look online you will find plenty of tutorials and guides that can teach you how to convert your very own car into a water powered hybrid and never have to worry about filling your car up with gas again.

For a small budget and some parts that can be purchased at the hardware stores you can make a DIY water powersed system that can run a SUV or any small vehicle. Its not that hard and with the right guide you can drive your car using water in a matter of days.

Below are Two popular DIY guides that can convert your car into a water powered vehicle: